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PRO CELL-Micro channeling 

45 mins. / $250 ( per/treatment)

Why Does Skin Age?

You age, visibly and invisibly, every day. Sun damage, internal inflammation, chemicals, and even gravity all work against the youthful vitality of your skin. As we get older, fewer regenerative stem cells survive to repair this constant damage.


How Does Microchanneling Stimulate Cellular Activity?

A single Procell treatment creates hundreds of thousands of microchannels. In response to each micro-injury, an inflammatory healing process begins which initiates the formation of new collagen. Over time, the repeated healing process improves the surface texture and the overall appearance of the skin.


How Do Stem Cells Assist Healing?

Human growth-factor serums derived from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells are known to promote scarless healing with minimal inflammation. Application of serums immediately after microchanneling treatment enhances delivery and collagen growth.


  • Deminished fine lines are wrinkles 

  • Visible skin tightrning 

  • Acne Scarring 

  • Collagen and Elastin production 

  • Corrects 

  • Minimizes pore size

ProCell Therapies

rezenerate nano facial

1 Treatment $135  |  3 / $350 |  6 / $650

With the introduction of ​the Rezenerate NanoFacial Modality, the technology is now available to give you great results without the pain and invasiveness of a costly and risky medical procedure. Beauty does NOT have to be painful! Rezenerate NanoFacial is the perfect marriage of science and beauty, developed by and for estheticians and other skin care professionals.


Rezenerate’s benefits are as varied as the targeted serums we use in our practice. Rezenerate acts as an infusion catalyst, assisting the products and serums we are already using on our clients’ various skin issues. And the newest addition to the Rezenerate NanoFacial, our NanoGlobe ‘Zen’ Massage portion, is influenced by the pressure points of acupressure therapy, facial exercises, and the cool touch of Cold Therapy. While the modality itself does not diagnose or treat any medical condition nor affect the structure or function of the body, it does assist skin care professionals by allowing for increased efficacy of the products they currently use. Whether your facial is targeting blemishes, fine lines, uneven skin tone, etc., using the Rezenerate NanoFacial System will give the short and long term improvements clients seek.

Rezenerate Nano


Treatment facial $145. Add on $50

Dermaplaning is a safe, non-invasive treatment which uses a small blade at a forty-five degree angle to remove “peach fuzz”, as well as dead skin cells. Performed as an individual treatment or prior to other facials and Enzyme peels it will improve results and maximizes the effectiveness. This treatment does not require downtime and will effectively remove fine hair and give you the smoothest skin possible.


  • Removes soft facial hair

  • Removes surface dead skin cells

  • Provides deeper product penetration

  • Minimizes look of pores, fine lines and wrinkles

  • Immediate skin glow and smoothness

  • Instant healthy, radiant skin appearance



60 mins/$250

90 mins/$285

Meet the Geneo Glo2Facial, a breakthrough treatment that unlocks the body’s natural super-powers: Oxfoliate™ with O2 bubbles, amplify with LUX (Lite Ultrasound Experience), and detox via Lymphatic massage. See why this is the gateway to extraordinary outcomes for your skin…and your life.


  • Glo2Facial offers a huge range of benefits, including:

  • No downtime. Glo2Facial achieves dramatic results without being invasive or requiring recovery time. You can come in for a treatment on your lunch break and return to work without any tell-tale inflammation or peeling. The only thing anyone will notice is that your skin is glowing!

  • Immediate and long-term results. Your skin will look stunning the moment your treatment is finished, and it will continue to look healthy and rejuvenated for weeks after.

  • Lymphatic drainage: Glo2Facial uses Detox to provide a deeply relaxing facial massage that reduces fluid buildup in the face and pushes toxins out through the lymph nodes. This enhances facial contours for a slimmer, more sculpted look.

  • Natural, highly-effective ingredients: We believe Mother Nature knows best. That’s why Glo2Facial works with the body’s natural processes and utilizes all-natural ingredients that are proven to heal and transform the skin.


SWiCH Dermal Treatment 

1 Treatment $135  |  3 / $350  |  6 / $650

Circadia’s signature treatment, is a unique alternative to chemical peels that takes advantage of the skin’s natural repair mechanism without causing damage. This treatment imparts an immediate boost to the look and feel of aging skin. Best uses for Aging, Mature, Hyperpigmentation, clients over the age of 37.


  • Activates the body’s natural repair and renewal system

  • Initiates increased cell-to-cell communication

  • Promotes healing and immune defense

  • Supports increased energy production in dermal and epidermal cells

  • Brightens skin and reduces pigmentation

  • Safe and gentle

  • Little downtime following treatment

SWiCH Dermal

Celluma Light Therapy

1 30 min Treatment  $45  

Naturally relieve pain, treat acne, and reduce signs of aging through the power of light therapy. Celluma offers the convenience and comfort relaxing light therapy with open concept and fast results.


  • Activates the body’s natural repair and renewal system

  • Initiates increased cell-to-cell communication

  • Promotes healing and immune defense

  • Safe and gentle

  • No downtime following treatment


Before + After

Celluma Therapy

hydrodermabrasion tx 5 in 1

90 mins $200

How does the treatment work?

Hydrodermabrasion: Experience deep exfoliation and hydration for a refreshed and rejuvenated skin texture.

Diamond Dermabrasion: Target fine lines and hyperpigmentation with precision, revealing smoother and clearer skin.

EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation): Achieve facial muscle toning and contouring, enhancing your natural beauty.

Electroporation: Boost the absorption of active ingredients in skincare products, promoting effective and lasting results.

Oxygen Infusion Therapy: Indulge your skin with a burst of oxygen for countless anti aging benefits promoting a youthful glow.

Hydroderm 5 in 1
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