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Modern Image Waxing Spa is a top of the line waxing destination committed to providing you with all your hair removal needs, and more.  We work hard to change your general perception of "being waxed" by  providing you with a new level of modern techniques and expertise.  We are a dedicated team of licensed waxing experts who strive to keep our clients looking sleek and stunning.  

Our brand name "Modern Image Waxing Spa" goes beyond a mere combination of words, it represents our true vision and commitment:

"Modern" shows how waxing services are becoming trendy and in demand. It depicts our level of experience when it comes to delivering these services to the modern person.

“Waxing” is not just our specialty but our passion, and it's displayed in all our approaches. The art of hair removal needs to be performed with caution and precision. This is where our proprietary technique comes in combination with the high quality products that we use.   

Your services will be done smooth, fast, and  with no complications, almost pain free. Lets face it; noone wants to be getting waxed all day!  

“Spa” meaning the calm and relaxing environment where we provide our services. During your time we will do anything to make you feel comfortable, and at ease. We will answer any of your questions and fulfill any request you may have.  You will never feel rushed, or unimportant, that's our promise!

At Modern Image Waxing Spa, we realize that it takes more than just hair removal to guarantee your satisfaction. Our 14 years of experience in the skincare industry with direct focus on hair removal is inimitable, and we promise to exceed your expectations.

Our level of hygiene and service approach is top notch. We will never use the same spatula on your skin twice. We strive to ensure that all our clients get not only the best hair removal services, but one that prioritizes safety and hygiene.  All services require skincare consultation to ensure safety and the best possible outcome.    

Modern Image Waxing Spa-where waxing is our obsession and skincare is our love.

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